Odor & Stain Remover For You, Your Pets & Your Things

odor eliminator

On The Go

Carry this wherever you go!

Oder cleaner

Bigger Is Better

Perfect for the home!

stain removal

Never Run Out

Get a gallon of protection.

So many uses!  Here are a few to get you started using Ohmy!

Ohmy! Is 100% Natural Ingredient cleaning product for health conscious enthusiast and No GMO. 

Ohmy! Works For You!

Ohmy! keeps your hair refresh and styled. 

It is a scalp and skin refresher too!

It is really a head to toe refresh and deodorizer.

Ohmy! neutralizes sweat and helps avoid breakouts.

You can even spray sweaty clothing after workout or play. 
Feet and gym shoes too. Ohmy!

Ohmy! Works For Your Pets!

 love our pets, although they can become a bit funky at times. 

This non-pathogenic (and hungry) bacteria enzyme rapidly digests pet odors for a safe quick refresh in between grooming.
Pets may piddle about on the corner of furniture and carpet at times: Blot excess, saturate affected area with Ohmy! Leave on 5-10 minutes. 
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red wine spills

Ohmy! Works For Everything!

Eliminate stains on all cloths and linens before dry cleaning. Dry cleaning spot removal can cause extra wear and tear on fabrics.

Carpet spills can start adding up after awhile getting trapped under surface in padding. 

Furniture and interior fabric cleaning can be costly, time consuming and unnecessary for on the spot removal. Ohmy! Read more...