Ohmy! Pets! For Mutts, Butts and Paws

We love our pets, although they can become a bit funky at times.

This non-pathogenic (and hungry) bacteria enzyme rapidly digests pet odors for a safe quick refresh in between grooming.

Pets may piddle about on the corner of furniture and carpet at times: Blot excess, saturate affected area with Ohmy! Leave on 5-10 minutes. 

Don't forget to spray your pets pillows,mats and beds!

If more is needed, blot again and reapply; no rinsing required.

As enzyme digests it becomes full and inactive; depending on the amount of stain or debris you may need to reapply.

Pet skin and fur refresher; just spray and massage or brush through and let dry, thats it!

Don't forget under that tail!!!

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