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How It Works

Fermentation is a natural process. People have applied fermentation to make products such as wine, cheese and beer long before the biochemical process was understood.

The actual understanding of the process of fermantation was demonstrated by Louis Pasteur which is the first of Scientist (zymurgist) dating back to the 1850s and 1860s. Although we know the making of wine, cheese, yogurt, leavening of bread and more go back up to thousands of years.

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Ohmy! Contains 6- Natural Ingredients: water, sugar, molassis, freeze dried kelp, malt from barley and yeast when combined and put through its own fermentation process; becomes a living (friendly) bacteria enzyme which is very hungry and will digest natural odors and stains.

When the enzymes digest and become full it becomes inactive; depending on amount of odor and stain, you may need to resaturate and repeat process.

Stop Allergies

I guess one can say what nature provides; nature can also take away. The understanding of how Ohmy! works, is actually quite amazing.

 removes stains

This is why Ohmy! has unlimited uses, and breaks those so called barriers between personal care and cleaning products for People, Pets and Things.

Ingredients; Water, sugar, molasses, freeze-dried kelp, malt from barley, yeast and sodium benzoate

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